12 thoughts on “AR-15 Calculators”

  1. I like your blog, and enjoyed using this calculator. I would be interested to be on your emailing list if you have one for this blog.

    Jim Crownover

  2. I love this calculator, but quite a lot has happened in the AR world recently. If someone supplied you with updated weight numbers and such, what would be involved in updating the calculator? Is there any possibility of converting this into a more open community format to add products as they are released? Love the blog by the way, especially with the aviation elements!

    1. I second getting more components into the calculator. It would be hard to continuously update with the rate of new things being conceived and manufactured though. Community based component addition with weight verification by multiple sources would help maintain accuracy.

  3. Ern, me third? I suppose? I wish I cound add cutom values baed on my own stats then ue thoe availible to create a hypothetical complete AR

  4. Hey, I love that your blog is back. I see the calculators are no longer accessible. I do software development for a career, so if you ever need help with anything technical please let me know. Welcome back and keep up the good work!

    303 489.27 00

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