Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Handgun (Video)

Earlier this year, I wrote a short article on how to choose the right concealed carry handgun. I’ve now turned it in to a video on choosing the right concealed carry handgun – an extremely lengthy one, by my standards – for your viewing enjoyment. I know that most of the people who read my blog regularly are experienced when it comes to firearms, because I’m consistently impressed with the quality of the comments I see, but perhaps it’ll be useful to the friends or relatives of my regular readers.

Since I’ve been providing stats for the time involved to make videos recently, this one took 11 hours of work yesterday and 7 today, plus two hours to render. This is under my normal video production time of two hours per minute of video, possibly because the script was already laid out.

24 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Handgun (Video)”

  1. Good stuff! Very nice approach, especially on not having all the answers. Probably the first time I’ve ever heard that in any youtube video involving guns. You may wish to speak with a bit more animation rather than a very even delivery, maybe in a more conversational tone. Very good material all around!

      1. Find a public speaking or training seminar (they’re everywhere all the time). As a technical trainer for an international company, I found such classes unbelievably valuable early on in my career. It’s amazing what you can learn simply by observing self-proclaimed “training experts” doing it all wrong. 😉

  2. Great video. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into it. I especially like the part where you shoot yourself from in side the medicine cabinet. You truly never know when a threat might present itself.

  3. Thinking about it, you know what I’d like to see, that in my opinion doesn’t get enough consideration from the average carrier’s stand point? Low light shooting.

    I’d love to see a video on setting up your cc rig for low light, from sights to lights to holsters for carrying with a light attached. Not nearly enough people know or think about low light situations and the considerations that go with them. Might make a good follow up to this one…

    1. I was just thinking about low light training vs all the shooting/training people do in daytime.

      The world is alien at night.

    I’m a man who was thinking about purse-carry, but realized it was a stupid idea: it would restrict you to a handgun whose finish matched your handbag.
    Also, wouldn’t you want a waterproof pistol and laminated license for, um, swimsuit-carry? Even I don’t carry when swimming.

    As far as I can see, this covers all the basics (although “use a holster could have used an exclamation mark or two). It would be perfect for people with some knowledge of firearms–who won’t be wondering what all this “caliber” grippagrap means–but who haven’t really considered every day carry before. You and your site also come across as very professional, which is great for introducing people who might be intimidated by the subject.

    1. Wait…you mean to say that when you go swimming, you don’t duct tape a P3AT between your “cheeks” like I do?

      Hmm…I guess I thought this was more commonplace…

      There goes my professionalism… 😉

      1. I keep mine on a lanyard around my neck like soap-on-a-rope. The lifeguard hardly ever blows his whistle at me and I can always find a free shower stall in the locker-room.

  5. A PERFECT video for me to show to newbies (guys and girls). Outstanding work, Andrew!!!

    P.S. the visual quality of the video in 720p is outstanding as well. Whatever encoder you’re using…keep using it, sir. 😀

  6. Thanks for the video! There’s nothing like reminding everyone to practice, practice, practice, and I admittedly don’t practice as often as I should. Thanks for the nudge!

  7. I have to take exception to your opening map. CT is, in practice, a shall issue state, as the state firearms board routinely overturns local denials of CCW permits. MD and NJ (and I believe RI) are effectively “no issue” states.

    1. Sorry about that – I knew there would probably be outliers, but I didn’t have time to zoom in on the Eastern Seaboard. I painted it all with the same broad brush instead.

  8. Excellent video. For what tends to be a complex process figuring out all the factors in carry decisions your break it down very well.

  9. I’ve been forwarding this to all the people asking me on the subject. Hopefully that clears up some things up since I get a lot of the, “which gun should I pick,” types.

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