I Wrote an Article About Shotgun Ammunition a While Back

Several months back I wrote an article about shotgun ammunition, and just realized that I had forgotten to link to it. Here it is. It was intended to give people who don’t have a huge firearm knowledge base an understanding of the topic, but several people who have been shooters for a while told me that they still learned a few things.

4 thoughts on “I Wrote an Article About Shotgun Ammunition a While Back”

  1. I need to find somebody rich enough to pay you to quit your day job and start full-time blogging.

    1. Hah. Thank you! That is actually my day job now. I am working on some exciting stuff and will link to it when it comes online.

  2. Didn’t learn anything new, but I’ve never seen all that information covered in one text. I’ll definitively refer to it when asked about shotguns.

    1. Same here. It’s a good shotgun primer, if you will. I generally point people to this blog before most others anyway though, so it’s nothing new. This and fateofdestinee, depending on their personality type…

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