Vz-58 vs AK-47

Check out my rundown of the Vz-58 vs the AK-47, shot in the CZ Collection Room in Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic earlier this year. It was posted over on The Firearm Blog, but due to a scheduling error, it was buried back in August’s posts.

Here’s the video. You’ll probably have to turn your sound up.

As we were shooting this video, an older gentleman – who turned out to be our tour guide, as up until that point we’d been with the president of CZ-USA – came into the room. He saw my spiel about the Vz-58 and was pretty impressed. I’m not sure if it was because I said intelligent-sounding things or just because I said that I like the Vz-58 more than the AK-47, but he and I got along pretty well after that.

6 thoughts on “Vz-58 vs AK-47”

  1. how would you compare the accuracy potential of the two? Specifically a well made US AK variant and a well built VZ Import? Also their durability? I am interested in acquiring a cheap semi auto rifle and one of the two seems to fit the bill nicely. The AK has many nice things going for it, but the best group I’ve been able to get out of decent AK is 3 MOA with premium ammunition

  2. Andrew,

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the VZ-58 gets unusually hot after a single mag? I was considering one and then read some blog posts claiming that the VZ58 starts to get hot after about round 20 when slow firing. The posts claimed that the shots were spaced about 3-5 seconds apart. And after 30 rounds had been expended the rifle was “hot” and after the second 30 rounds went down the pipe the rifle was practically unusable. Is this true?

    1. The VZ does get hot – but I would not say that it is unusable after 2 mags. Whenever I am really pouring the coals on with any firearm, I use gloves. The forend of any rifle will get hot. The wood forend of an AK will catch fire if you shoot it enough. In fact, my friend and I quickly put 2 mags through his AK a while back, and both thought the forend was uncomfortably hot with bare hands.

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