Gemstones & Bullets

I have been collecting precious stones since I was about 10 years old. I have a sizable collection, and although I have never been a fan of brilliant cut stones (or diamonds, for that matter – I’ll never buy a cut diamond), I found a few in my collection that matched up pretty well with some jacketed hollow point bullets I recently fired out of various guns underwater.

Clockwise from top left, blue topaz in .45 HST 230gr, African sapphire in 9mm HST 147gr, tsavorite in .40 HST 165gr, peridot in 9mm HST 147gr, pink sapphire in .38 Special 110gr DPX.

67 thoughts on “Gemstones & Bullets”

  1. The wife really liked those and asked if they were brooches. Something like that would definitely make for some nice jewelry for gun enthusiasts!

  2. Did you know that the Daily Mail website here in the UK has linked and mentioned this article?
    Interestingly when it was published, it referred to you as an Ex-Marine, however it has been changed so it no longer mentions it.

  3. Absolutely stunning! And very creative. I found your link on MissK’s World blog and haven’t been able to stop reading. Just blew my entire Monday morning with you and a pot of coffee. You just got a new regular.

  4. These need to be pendants. I’ve seen some being sold on etsy but none as gorgeous as these. I really want one. I really want the blue one. This is making me sad I don’t have guns to fire underwater.

    1. Anne,

      Working on it! Thanks for your interest. I’ll keep your email if/when they come to market.


      1. i put a pic on my FB page and one person said how neat they would be for horse bridle decor. might be big in the horse owner communities.

        i would love to hear if and when you might have them for retail purchase.

      2. Here is another vote for “when”! And, then, sooner rather than later! Please email with any additional information. Would be particularly interested, and very appreciative, if you would entertain a custom order offer in the next few weeks. Thanking you in advance!

  5. I’m with Ann. Add me to your email list when there is a possibility to purchace.

    Thank You,

  6. Forget the tag-line Guns N’ Roses, here’s a few others you could call your company. Boy Meets Girl, Jack And Jill, Life and Death, BITTERSWEET, Fragments And Fragrance. I’ve thought of so many cool names for you to name your own jewelry made with bullets, the name alone would sell your creations all by its self. BTW & FYI I’m a Florist and quite creative. I also have an easy idea how to smooth out the rough edges without changing the contour of the flower. I have a great friend who owns a Harley Davidson dealership that would embrace your art. Also, I’m sure it would sell quite well in any Tattoo/Piercing shop.

  7. Very interested in making a deal with you for a few pieces. My husband buys gold and we have quite a few gems and stones we can send for your pieces. He removes the stones before having the gold melted down. We have various sizes, types, and colors. We have opals, cubic zirconias, tigers eye, turquois, perodite …. Please let me know if we can work something out.

  8. Andrew, how unique! Can’t wait till they are available. Want to give one as a Brithday gift. Hopefully can get one by December.

  9. These would make killer (pardon the pun) cufflinks – please keep me posted if you come up with something, very interested, these are very cool!

  10. Please add my name to the list if you decide to sell! An idea would be to add a magnet to the back and these would look great on the fridge.

  11. These are AMAZING!!! Love this. Let me know if you ever decide to offer them for sale! I think you just found another career opportunity 🙂

  12. I’m with Anne and the rest, please let me know when you are selling them. I think they are really unique and beautiful. Thanks.

  13. Please add me to the list of people interested in purchasing one, should they come available. Great Blog!

  14. Andrew, I saw a story on you as well as a video of you shooting under water on the Huff Post. Great Video. I would love to know when you start selling these, would love to buy one for my wife. Email me when you start having them for sale.

  15. I came here looking to see if you actually sold these. I was really interested in buying one. I even love the plain ones that don’t have the gemstones. These are gorgeous!

  16. I must say you have stumbled upon a money making deal….I’m very interested in the jewelry too. Please contact me when it hits the market. Congrats and thank you!

  17. I agree! I saw this article on my Flipboard and came to see if you sold these. I don’t care if they have the gems or not. I thought they would make gorgeous decor pieces and jewelry. Let me know if you start selling them!

  18. Hi, Andrew-

    Great blog–very even-handed. From your writing and videos, it also seems you have a strong sense of intuition, a quality rarely found in men.

    You should go to the “Shark Tank” folks with your jewelry — perfect match!

  19. these are absolutely beautiful, I have a very large loose gem collection myself. you have a very novel idea here… bad guns scare me.

  20. Hello, I think these are gorgeous. I think the bullets could be be cast in clear resin (like a cabochon) for necklaces or jewelry so that the sharp edges and lead wouldn’t be harmful. In fact, I would love to buy some of these if you’re willing.

  21. These are gorgeous! I think the bullets used are Remington Golden Sabers, (yep, I’m a gun nut and old disabled vet). Please put me ALSO, on your list if you ever decide to sell these, (with or without the stones). Thank you…
    P.S. I’ve shown these to a few friends and ALL the women want them, including my wife…

  22. I’d been hoping someone would make something like this and then I found your site while researching on ammo. Please, let me know if and when you start selling them.

  23. I’ve been looking everywhere for someone who sells these! If you start selling them count me in 🙂 can I buy them without the gems though?

  24. Count me in on plain earrings. I have been wanting a pair since I saw the picture of the “death flowers” on facebook a few months back. Now after Christmas I am searching for them and this is where I landed. Please e-mail me as well if/when these would be available to purchase. Thanks!

  25. These are beautiful but, unfortunately you’ve clearly exposed the lead inside these jacketed bullets. What did you use to protect people from lead exposure and how long will it last?

  26. Hi Andrew – I am reaching out from a design company in NYC. I would love to speak to you a bit more about these pieces if you could email me when you have the chance.


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