65 thoughts on “I’m Busy With Work Today But Made My Mom Some Flowers”

      1. Andrew, these are stunning. My girlfriend has a birthday coming up, I would love to buy three bullets without stems from you (paypal or check). I’m very serious and would need to do it within October, please let me know if you’re interested.

          1. Thank you! I sincerely appreciate it! Just let me know once you’re ready and your price of course. We can hash out all the paypal details via email once you’re ready.

      2. Seriously consider selling those … I make jewelry as a hobby and those would make awesome conversation pieces … not to mention my husband would get a kick out of them.

  1. Encase them in a block of clear poly-carbonate resin, they would be an awesome desk toy / conversation piece. It would allow them to be handled without the lead or sharp edges being an issue!

  2. Andrew,

    Thanks for all of the information you post, and for spending your time doing it.
    Been follwing your work for about a year now. First time communicating. Can any 1911 be fired underwater?
    Is the barrel full of water when you are shooting in these photos?

    1. I can’t say that every single one could, but this one works very well underwater, with no signs of damage (although some of the hotter .45 ammo has signs of excessive pressure on/around the primer area). Yes, I ensure that the barrel is completely flooded before firing.

  3. Is this safe? is there any risk due to the pressure increase from the barrel being full of water? Seems to me that the weight of the water in the barrel would be like shooting a VERY heavy bullet, and would increase pressure substantially.

    I like the pretty pictures, but don’t hurt yourself, and don’t wreck your gun.

    You might want to examine the barrel just ahead of the chamber – check the outside diameter and compare to a factory barrel.

    I suspect that there is an old timer out there who actually came up with a “safe” procedure for firing guns into or under water, back in some war or another, but I have no idea how to find him.

    Good luck.

    1. I’ve examined all handguns thoroughly and have yet to observe any dimensional changes or signs of damage. I don’t like this 1911 anyway, so if it blows up, oh well. Underwater, the damage from a kB to my hand would most likely be minimal (especially if you think about where the forces are going to go first – just look at the escaping air bubbles in the photo). I have already had a centerfire rifle and a SMG kB on me while shooting (above water). No big deal.

  4. Encase in polycarbonate and sell, +x. I’ve always wondered why nobody did it commercially, especially considering the aesthetic appeal.

  5. What a unique idea! These are the kind of flowers I would love to get. This puts to shame, the .45 bullet I wear as a necklace.

  6. I’m gettin married Oct 20th.. These would be beautiful to use for boutineers and in my bouquet. As my fiance is an avid hunter and our wedding is outdoors. You really should consider selling these beautiful one of a kind!!

  7. this is truly amazing in all aspects. love love love. i also want to purchase. especially the earing idea, or maybe bracelet. whatever you do with these in the future…brilliance at its best.

  8. Would like to purchase some of these for two or three women in my family.
    They would love them.
    These are beautiful.
    Would buy it just like this for my wife and aunt, and jewelry for my wife and daughter.
    Please let me know.
    Hey, these would take care of the stocking stuffers (lol).

  9. is it posible to bye some of them and doo you think they would go through customs? i’m from Denmark, Europe 🙂

  10. Hello, I would be very interested in these for a bridal bouquet. Are you interested in selling me some? I am located in Australia! Thanks!

  11. Mine did not turn out so well. Not only was there an inconsistency with expansion from nothing to in pieces, but also when it did expand it was never symmetrical. Did you find that particular projectiles worked better than others?

      1. I used Winchester SXT 230 gr .45. I will be using the Federal HST 230’s you have shown next. It was still an interesting time regardless, just not as fulfilling as I had hoped. I was doing it in the lake, so I also did not recover a few of them. Using a pool next time.

      2. I used the HST’s, they came out beautifully. Thanks, Doc. I had one failure to expand, could have been a few different reasons.

  12. These would make great Pins….or a smaller caliber for earrings……Plz e- mail if you decide to make some….I think you would have quite a following…

  13. My fiance is a Marine and we have been trying to find something that screamed “him” for our wedding. Is there a way of purchasing some of your flowers?

    1. I’m quite serious, I could do a payment through paypal or whatever else works with you the wedding isn’t until 8/16/14 So you would have a lot of time. Let me know if you would be interested.

  14. Is there any chance I could buy some of these from you? I live in England but I’m more than happy to pay the P&P charges on top of whatever you want for them. I’d need them for June time preferably.

  15. Hello, like everyone else on here I’d be very interested in buying from you. This is truly an amazing and rare concept. Let me know if you start to sell these. You could definitely make a fortune. Thanks!

  16. I am a hair stylist, and I would love to purchase these if you are willing to sell any. They are beautiful, and fit my style perfectly. You’re amazing 🙂

  17. Man if you are selling these I’d be interested in upwards of 25! Would use them in my Wedding to put in 223 cases for boutonnieres!

  18. I would LOVE to get a .45 ACP bullet flower for my gf for V-day. Are these sold on a website anywhere? Can I get one? How much “water” do you use for range and into a sandpit?

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