ATF Halts Importation of D Dupleks Dupo 7 .410 Shotgun Slugs

Yesterday, J&G Sales in Prescott, Arizona pulled DDupleks .410 shotgun slugs from store shelves, as the importers and distributors of the ammunition have been notified by the ATF that the ammunition is “not importable handgun ammunition.”

The Dupo 7 slug, like other DDupleks slugs, is made from steel. Although the Latvian company does market armor piercing shotgun slugs to LE and Military, nothing indicates that the now-banned Dupo 7 possessed these characteristics.

3 thoughts on “ATF Halts Importation of D Dupleks Dupo 7 .410 Shotgun Slugs”

  1. Capabilities and characteristics don’t matter. Construction is all the feds care about. Armor piercing ammo is ammo that the jacket makes up over a certain percentage of the projectile’s weight (can’t remember what), or has a core that consists (among a couple other materials) of steel. That’s why you can’t find steel-cored 7.62x39mm ammo – after people started building AK pistols, the feds swooped in and jacked all the steel-cored stuff because it was suddenly “armor piercing” handgun ammunition (apparently the law only pertains to handgun ammo).

    BATFE: Insanity, defined.

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