Fireclean Sues Again

Spring has sprung in America; migratory birds begun their journey north to rapidly thawing lakes as the south experiences triple digit temperatures and lawsuits with triple digit page counts.

Yes, it’s that time of the year when Fireclean decides to pursue a 250 page lawsuit against me alleging dozens of counts of wrongdoing – ranging from false advertising to defamation to aiding and abetting tortious conduct.

This is, of course, relating to the series of articles I wrote reporting the results of tests conducted by third parties in the fall of 2015. Many of you may have forgotten these articles or the lawsuit last year in which Fireclean’s arguments were rejected by a federal judge in the Eastern District of Virginia. They’ve now filed a complaint in Arizona, apparently believing that reminding everyone of the articles before they lose again is the best course of action.

I am represented in this case by David Gingras, who has extensive experience with defamation law in the state of Arizona. You may read the excellent motion to dismiss the case he has written here.

At this time I am not requesting donations to the GoFundMe legal defense account.

12 thoughts on “Fireclean Sues Again”

  1. What the fuck is wrong with these guys?

    They couldn’t get enough embarrassment with the first dismissal? Now they’re coming back for a second helping?

    I guess this is what you have to resort to when you’re a snake oil salesman. Pathetic, as it is disgusting.

  2. From motion to dismiss:

    “Like a 55-gallon drum attempting to be filled with 60 gallons of vegetable oil”

    Ha! 🙂

  3. So, some lawyer thinks the firecludge gang has the money to buy him a new skiboat. Why don’t they just give you the money and go away? At least you would do something useful with it.

  4. So if they’re so adamant that its not a duck, it would seem that the easiest thing to do is prove that its not a duck, instead of going after the guy who did the tests that revealed that it swims like a duck and quacks like a duck… Lawyers have a saying, “if you can’t point to the facts, pound the table!”. Seems like a lot of table pounding going on. In your corner Andrew.

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