Yes, The Blog is Finally Back Online

As I have been quite busy lately, I failed to notice that my hosting account had expired…then I took so long to pay for it that GoDaddy had removed the data and wanted another sum of money to restore it.

I finally gave in and paid the ransom, but then it took several more calls to their customer service folks before the site was actually restored.

The blog will now go back to its usual blistering publication rate of at least two articles per decade.

12 thoughts on “Yes, The Blog is Finally Back Online”

      1. Saw an add for Shooter Lube. Of course the commercial looks amazing. But as we’ve all learned tested ourselves . Ads lie lol.

  1. Hey! Welcome back! Wondering how that nickel plating is holding up? I heard of a few companies Cerakoting over nickel for a coating. Any thoughts? 🙂

  2. At least this time I’m not disappointed when I come here for my quad-annual check in. Keep up the good work, Andrew.

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