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  1. What do they have that looks good as street wear? What can you wear over a fairly large pistol with a rough grip? My current shell shows a bit of wear from the roughened texture applied to the grip of my pistol.

    Arc’teryx looks like fabulous stuff for hiding out in the wilderness, living off the land. Unfortunately for me, those days are long past. I would like to have a few better options for clothing in the concrete jungle. Stuff that doesn’t scream “GUN” to every cop that sees me like say a 5.11 Tactical Aggressor parka does. It might be a good idea if it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

    I don’t open carry all that much, so tight to the waist jackets and tucked in shirts kind of suck. I do realize that you don’t have to work all that hard to conceal a gun, but in most cases, the stuff special built for concealed carry looks to obvious to me. I’d like to have some clothing that looks reasonbly stylish, but doesn’t preclude carrying a full size gun.

    Metro-Tactical, if you will.

    1. My “tac pants” cost $10 at WalMart … I just buy them cut an inch or so big in the waist (and carry while trying them on).

      I use a Clip-Draw “holster” which pretty much limits the bulk to just whatever the pistol has (SCCY CPX1) and it’s always been good for me. Where I live most folks are pretty casual dressers so a loose shirt or jacket doesn’t stand out as anything special.

    1. I should add, this is where I’d start “if I had the money”. This line is probably not very well know because its so expensive, more so than their traditional gear.

        1. While you’re at it, check out Barack’s tailor and get a Level III suit jacket or vest. Might as well go full on Brooks Brothers (actually, I think it’s a guy from Latin America who makes those suits.)

  2. I’m hesitant to make a recommendation because I’m pretty sure the climate here in the Midwest is pretty alien to that of Arizona and we’re coming up on Summer…

    …but do they have any low profile pants that don’t stand out like 5.11’s do? I have more than a few different brands of “tactical pants” (would my jeans be tactical if I sewed cargo pockets into them?) and the ones I’ve liked the most so far are Woolrich and Tru-Spec. Not a big fan of Tru-Spec in general, but their tactical pants are a favorite of mine and I’ve got four pairs now. I started wearing tactical pants when I started carrying concealed AIWB, and having a bit of give in the waistline makes carrying in that position much more comfortable. It also helps that they don’t “look” like tac pants.

  3. Arc’teryx makes excellent gear. I own two of their packs. The price of their gear puts most of it outside the usual consumer range. I think their clothes are good but not so much more considering how expensive they are.

    I would like to see reviews of some of their more affordable gear like their new knee pads under the LEAF label. Maybe their riggers belt that is due out this fall.

    I am interested in the Talos top and bottom but the price is still too high compared to other viable alternatives for combat apparel.

  4. I’ve recently started using their LEAF kneepads and they’re exceptional.

    They actually tend to NOT slip down your leg, they’re very lightweight and flexible but provide excellent protection.

    They need to make the same LEAF setup for elbow pads.

  5. Well there is no doubt that Arc’teryx is expensive, there is also no doubt in my mind that the gear they make is the best out there, especially when it comes to gortex. I do however think you can get the job done in most cases for a lot less, and in most cases you are getting something that is a little better for a lot more money when it comes to the actual utility of the equipment.

    I have a set of the LEAF alpha gortex (jacket and pants) and it has more attention to detail than any other gortex I have owned. I still have the mountain hardware tenacity set that was their top-end ice climbing gear a few years back, it is not on the same level when it comes to the little things and attention to detail. Plus the LEAF gear is really made for shooters. It is not the same as a backpacking jacket in another color. The pockets and cuts are made to work with armor on and not get in the way of a gun belt.

    Cool gear if you can afford it and even better if you will actually use it. Took me a year to start using it instead of my old stuff cause I didn’t want to mess it up. go figure

  6. I have a couple pieces of Arc’ gear; a Gamma softshell, a fleece jacket, some base layer stuff and a really nice Bora 80 backpack. I have been quite impressed with all of the gear I have purchased from them. I have had the softshell for about 5 years and it barely shows any signs of wear. The backpack is on the heavier side, but it is certainly full featured. Judging from the quality of gear I have used I can only imagine their LEAF line will. also be exceptional. I’d love to see a review of the Alpha or Combat Jacket

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