30 thoughts on “Firearm News – April 2012”

      1. Me too, it’s smaller in every dimension, lighter, and has a longer barrel.

        Everybody else seems to be playing catch-up.

        1. I had the Kahr, now I have the Shield. I would never go back. The Shield has a much nicer feel and a better trigger. Plus your getting better than P9 quality for the CW9 price.

  1. This was VERY good. 100% love the format and the satire.

    It was informative, concise, and hilarious.

    I have never asked anyone to continue doing what they were doing (that’s what she said), but please do.

  2. As a gen4 owner, I got frustraited when you bruised my ego.
    But comeon, Glock not giving customers what they want? I thought that was HK’s job.

    All that aside, add me to the list of poeple who like the format and the satire.

  3. I like the satire, too, though I think your coat is one or two sizes too big (but I’m a hipster, so take that for what its worth). Keep doing the satire, but don’t let it take time away from the great reviews you have always done.


  4. Andrew, I have enjoyed your blog – lurking for many months but have never felt compelled to write before. I just spit coffee out my nose – keep up the good work on both fronts.

  5. “Also, I’m not wearing pants…”
    Everything else made me chuckle… this made me laugh.
    You need to do this WEEKLY, not monthly.

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