Five Reasons To Take Michelle Viscusi Seriously

There is nothing going on between Michelle and I, there never has been, and there never will be. She is engaged, and I am writing this purely out of respect for her. If you would like to see other articles I have written or videos I have made about people in the industry, see this article, this article/video, and this article.

For those who are unaware of Michelle Viscusi’s short yet extremely tan presence in the gun world, here is a link to her Facebook fan page.

When I first glanced at some of her modeling photos, she appeared to be just another pretty model who wanted to hold guns and have all the boys look at her. This is actually true, except for the “just” part. After I met her, I found out that she was way more than just another gun model chick. Of course, I did inform her of my impression based on photos, which she found somewhat…well, she said I was an ass, and she might have only been partly joking.

That said, I think the gun world is going to see a lot more of Michelle – very soon, and not just on calendars – and here are five reasons why.

She can shoot. Many people are capable of holding a gun and looking attractive in a photo. Some can even look competent. Not many demonstrate competence at the level Michelle does in real life. She shoots Glocks in competition – a lot, and very well – which is cool, I guess, but I’m not really into competition shooting. What really impressed me was her casual competence with the AR platform. When she came down to help shoot a ton of .223 ammo for LuckyGunner Labs, she was very good with the M4.

"Quit standing around, Michelle, and get back to shooting."

This might not be too surprising to some given that she’s in the National Guard, but her ability to use the weapon went way beyond what I see from the average military member. She’s by no means the ultimate shooter, but she stands head and shoulders above most people (well…in terms of skill, that is). With further practice, I see no limit for her from a firearm proficiency standpoint.

I don't know what any of this means, but apparently she can, in fact, shoot a handgun.

She’s mentally tough. Butting heads with me when we first met via a mutual friend (Roy of Weapon Outfitters) was a minor but notable thing. She’s had much bigger things to deal with, though. Partly because she models so much – and so well – many people, such as myself, assume that she was one-dimensional. Dealing with this and still pushing forward towards her professional goals is commendable.

Plus, her life hasn’t been all roses and sunshine. The way she’s dealt with setbacks? She just keeps going. Getting in the prone in 108 degree heat atop a bunch of spent cartridge cases without hesitation? These things demonstrated – to me at least – that she is no shrinking violet. Some people – men and women – pretend to be tough, others just are. Michelle is in the latter category.

She’s physically strong. Women have demonstrated that they can beat the best men in the world at precision rifle or sporting clays shooting, but they have not seen the same success in action shooting sports. A woman with a good amount of physical strength has a better chance of dominating the competition in action shooting, and Michelle has good upper and lower body strength as well as a solid core.

She carries her own weight. Not literally, but I was still impressed.

There’s currently a “strong is sexy” mindset, which is cool with me. In my mind, a truly strong woman does not just have a little extra muscle tone. She’s tough enough and strong enough to take care of herself. She can pick up a lot of weight and carry it around. She can throw a punch that might knock a man out. I know a few women like this, and Michelle is definitely one of them.

She’s driven. Not content to sit around and wait for things to happen, Michelle has goals and is working pretty hard to achieve them. She shoots because she’s a good shooter and getting better. She knows that if she keeps working hard at it, she’ll go places. If she wasn’t good at shooting, she’d be working hard on something else. Simply put, she is not lazy.

Portrait of a determined woman.

She’s down to earth. One of the most truly unpretentious people I have ever met, Michelle does not try to make herself out to be anything more than she is. She presents herself honestly. Everyone I know that has met her is impressed with the person she is – not as a model or a shooter, but as a person. This attitude is likely to have two effects on her future – first, it will keep her from getting out of her lane. She won’t over promise and end up under delivering. Second, it will encourage others to respect her personally as well as professionally. She won’t be fighting many uphill battles in the personality clash department.

The sooner clueless models who clearly can’t shoot are replaced by women like Michelle, the better.

21 thoughts on “Five Reasons To Take Michelle Viscusi Seriously”

  1. I’m sure you’re very right. You usually are.

    But there’s a bloke in that list called Wayne Bumgardner. I hope with all my heart that he spent time in the forces.

    1. The usual way I tell is to take the proper name out. In this case, both “between me” and “between I” didn’t make sense. So I went with I.

      1. You could replace it with another preposition, however. “Between me” might not make sense but “beside me” does. Neither of which work with “I”.

        Good article, BTW. She seems cool.

    2. I caught that also… and Andrew’s response below is correct. Some situations in grammar are awkward to say the least.

  2. I’m not trying to say that she shouldn’t be taken seriously but having been a model first and going around shooting in Daisy Dukes. It’s gonna be hard for guys to take her seriously after seeing her in that way.

    1. No it won’t be difficult and she didn’t go around in the Daisy Dukes.

      She started shooting first. She joined the Army National Guard at 19 and was deployed for 16 months then started modeling. Get your facts straight !!

      How do I know ?? I ‘m her father !!

      1. Good job Dad…… smack these retards down, as a New York City Police Officer , Counter Terrorism Officer and Gulf War vet ( 67t with 3rd ID, 2nd ACR and 160SOAR) I applaud your lil gal for whupping some ass on the range…..dont sweat what weak men say who are threatend by a woman…after that makes them not really men as I see it

    2. What the F do daisy dukes and being a model have to do with anything… Would she be more legit if she was 400 pounds and ugly?

      I’m not saying you specifically, but anybody who looks down on this hard-working American Soldier just because she happens to be a model can go piss up a rope as far as I’m concerned.

      Thank you for your service Michelle!

  3. Way to get in there Dad haha, she is the most impressive female shooter that I’ve seen. Like Andrew said most girls hold a gun and take pictures is bikinis and have no clue how it operates….to put it simply I don’t know a single person that would want to be on the business end of a gun with her holding it. I hope she goes far in this industry (and I know she will) and inspires other females to do the same….plus I’m tired of looking at dudes at a certain range I go to who have no clue, and sees a good looking woman out shoot the hell out of everyone there…great read as always Andrew

  4. I had never heard of this woman before today. If she wasn’t attractive, would anyone pay her any attention? Maybe. It’s certainly possible to carve out a good living in niche markets that cater primarily to men, but that doesn’t mean the attention is warranted.

    The more male-niche the market (guns, motorcycles, video games), the more attention you can expect if you are female. It’s so easy I don’t know why more women don’t pursue it.

    For example Cory & Erika (sp?) have a huge youtube following. IMO their reviews are thorough and useful, as far as internet reviews of that type go, but in my opinion it is Erika that is the value add. I don’t mean to suggest that their evaluations or reviews are lame/weak/invalid, I suggest only that Cory by himself isn’t offering anything that you can’t get from numerous other sources.

    It’s good to know that Ms. Viscusi is not just another pretty face. That she is a skilled shooter lends her some credibility, but no more than shooters of similar training and experience, regardless of sex.

    You could argue that the knowledgeable female perspective is missing from most gun discussions, and in that regard I would agree that shooters like Ms. Viscusi and Erika do have more to offer than male shooters of similar experience/background. Also, it may be that their training experiences/perspectives are different than their male counterparts and also add value. It doesn’t warrant all the drooling and fanboy nonsense, but still: at least they can actually shoot.

  5. I’ve seen Michelle shoot competitively for the past 6 or 8 months, and at first, I thought she was just another D class plinker. However, she takes this stuff seriously, and she has improved at a *frightening* pace over the past few months. I have more respect for Michelle for sticking with it and overcoming the stereotype she’s had to put up with (ditzy cute chick with big boobs and a gun) than I have for a lot of shooters out there.

    Don’t underestimate her – you’ll regret it. To be honest, I’m a little worried about when the time comes for me to shoot against her. Something tells me I’m going to get beat by a girl. 🙂

  6. Hey Brian,
    You stated “I’m going to get beat by a girl.” Not to take anything away from you but I highly doubt she would be thinking ever “I’m going to get beaten by a guy”. People of her mindset have no such mental barriers. You’ve already lost my friend. LOL

    1. Meh – maybe. But probably not. I really just see her as a capable competitor more than anything. She’s improved her game dramatically, so she’s just one more shooter I need to keep an eye on.

  7. Michelle Viscusi represents sort of a rarity when it comes to “models” (or more generally attractive women) who excel in a given sport. I think gender roles tend to silo women into the domain of eye candy and often dismiss their desire or ability to compete at a high level.

    The “Viscusi” scenario is something I’ve seen in the pro video gaming circuit. The video gaming industry typically uses dolls up models in a given games’ female protagonist and has them entice every sob that passes by their given booth in effort to make them more interested in a given game. Even in the pro video game circuit there have been numerous teams that focused on “all girl” rosters that amounted to essentially gimmick teams of attractive women. Sadly the few women on these teams that have seen tremendous success in these gaming competitions have been for the lack of a better word homely looking, only to reinforce the misogynistic stereotype of only ugly women are successful because they don’t look attractive.

    There are a few exceptions of course, but we can only look at how the path of least resistance works for those in Michelle Viscusi’s situation. There are countless “gamer girls” on youtube and elsewhere who make a living being simply gaming personalities with a bit of cleavage and flirtatious demeanor. In this respect it drives ad traffic and brings in an income.

    It’s easier to be an attractive personality than it is to be an attractive personality who is masterful at a given sport. I hope that Michelle Viscusi continues to set example as the exception if only to encourage others to pursue her path.

  8. “The sooner clueless models who clearly can’t shoot are replaced by women like Michelle, the better.”

    Agreed. Same with car models, etc.

  9. If she’s a competitive shooter, could the daisy dukes be a mental strategy to throw off her opponents. Perhaps they won’t take her seriously, and shooting is as much a mental game as a physical one. Hmmmmm, interesting question, wouldn’t you say?

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