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Over the years since I started this blog, many people have asked if I am going to make t shirts – at least four or five people in the last six or seven years. Well, their long-forgotten wishes are now true, and they even have a choice of colors, Union Blue or Rebel Gray!


Do you lament Sherman’s March to the Sea? If so, you’ll want a Rebel Gray shirt, even though there’s a terrible irony in the motto on the back of the shirt, “Burning Bridges Since 2009.” Actually, this color is more of a charcoal than simple gray, which makes sense since we are talking about burning bridges, after all. Or cotton fields. If you’re not a Southerner but are scared of colors, like my friend Brett, you’ll want this charcoal shirt.

Are you a proud Yankee/American, even though all those icky Northern states seem to not like guns any more? Well, Union Blue is definitely more your style. Even if you’re from the South and want a non-tactically colored shirt to tell your friends you like an obscure gun blog, you’ll probably want to break from tradition and go with blue.

The shirts themselves are quite nice, if I may say so. The design and cheeky motto with absolutely no intended reference to anything specific are printed on Next Level Apparel poly/cotton (65/35) shirts. These shirts feel very soft and stretchy. Sizing seems to run on the smaller side – kind of like a Wylde chamber, they might make you more accurate, but I am not responsible for popped primers or bulging waistlines.

And while women comprise approximately six percent of my Facebook/YouTube audience, over twenty percent of the shirts available are in women’s sizes! Inexplicably, the women’s shirts cost almost a dollar more to make each, despite their being the same material. However, I will not pass these increased costs on to you! Don’t say I’ve never fought the patriarchy!

Pricing is $17 per (~3.5-4.5oz) shirt, approximately ten dollars less than a two pack (2x2oz) of FireClean from Brownells, making it a better deal by weight. The first 20 shirt buyers will receive a free sample of FireClean! That has to at least double the value of the shirt. Add $1 if you would like your shirt blessed with FireClean.

Sizes available are mens medium, large, extra large, and extra extra lavrge. Also available are a limited number of womens small, medium, and large. As the sizes/colors sell out, I will update this post.



Shipping options are Priority Mail small flat rate box for $6.80 or USPS First Class in a Tyvek envelope for $4.30. I would prefer payment by PayPal to If this is not possible, I suppose that I could also accept check/money orders or body parts.

17 thoughts on “Vuurwapen Blog T Shirts”

  1. And if we, your uncouth follower across the seas, would like to purchase one of these shirts, what would international shipping be?

  2. I wish you better luck than with the shirts I’ve tried to sell on The Weapon Blog, Andrew. I think I’ve sold maybe 8 shirts in the past 4 years. Maybe. I’ve given away more than I’ve sold for sure.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that either:
    A) I suck at shirt design
    B) I suck at marketing
    C) All of the above

  3. Sold Out! I’ll know better than to wait until the end of the day. Congrats and I’ll sit back and wait another 5-6 years before you offer these again.

  4. I work at a family-owned screen printing and embroidery shop, and I still bought one of these.

    Gun hipster cred is priceless, yo.

  5. Can’t believe I missed this. Do you happen to have any Fire Clean left? I’m having an omelette party this weekend, err… I want to clean my skillet… I mean gun.

  6. As one who is always late to the party I would be very thankful for a comment on this post when you have more shirts in stock. Large gray please. 🙂

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