Spike’s Tactical Dynacomp Initial Impressions

Spike’s Tactical sent two Dynacomps for me to review, so I installed them on a few AR-15s that looked as if they needed a spiffy new part – my 16″ Spikes lightweight carbine and my 20″ A5-type rifle. Here are my initial impressions after a few weeks with the devices.

The Dynacomps are priced at $89.95 and feature a Melonite finish.

18 thoughts on “Spike’s Tactical Dynacomp Initial Impressions”

  1. Good stuff. Thanks for posting that. Have you had an opportunity to compare it to the Griffin and Battlecomps? Also, when do you plan to try out that little Rainier single chamber brake? That thing looks sweet.

  2. I cant wait to hear your full review on this comp, i’ve been debating between this and the battlecomp 2.0 and griffin m4-sd

  3. In your review, please compare this comp’s weight to others. I got one in the mail today; I can’t believe how heavy it is.

  4. Are these muzzle devices THAT MUCH BETTER than a A2 flash hider or is this just about having a cool looking thing on the end of your barrel?

    I’ve seen your A2 flash hider video where it appears to work well enough to actually cause the barrel to move downward and contact some FF handguards. Is this not a conclusive proof of how well it counteracts muzzle rise?

    What’s this thing do? Blow it out radially and forward? Dust signature galore!

    I’ve noticed that all the “shops” are trying to outdo each other with the “best-est” muzzle devices and I don’t blame them. Profit margin must be huge on these things.


    1. The A2 – good for counteracting muzzle rise yes, but not for reducing recoil like one of these devices – whether this is necessary (and whether the tradeoffs are worth it) is up to the individual purchaser.

  5. Hey Andrew,
    I, too, would like to hear your thoughts about how this comp compares to the Rainier Arms XTC. Thanks!

  6. Andrew,
    Sorry if this is off topic, but can you tell me what length rail you have on your M16 A5 type rifle. I understand that it is a Rainier arms manufactured rail, I like how it stops just shy of the FSB. Thanks.

  7. Andrew,

    Have you had it long enough to give it a thorough review yet? I am looking at putting it on a new build.

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