Centurion Arms C4 Rail Review

I have a good number of rails to review at the moment, some of which I’ve had longer than the Centurion Arms C4 rail. To say that I have a slight product review backup at the moment would be…stating that fact mildly. However, I have spent the most range time with and have the most photos of the Centurion, so without further ado, here is the video.

Like a number of things reviewed here in the past, this rail was provided for review by Rainier Arms. The Centurion Arms C4 midlength cutout rail as seen here is available from Rainier Arms for $314. The standard midlength C4 rail is $246.

13 thoughts on “Centurion Arms C4 Rail Review”

    1. I just don’t see the point of a any full-length quad rail anymore. I like the slimmer ones like the troy TRX Extreme and other removable rail type platforms because of the way i like to grip, but even if I still used the vertical pistol grip, why do i need need side rails back by the receiver? Even in the military where we had to have IR Lasers, Flashlights, etc…..there still was nothing back there, so why have the extra bulk? I guess I just have moved to “what can I afford to remove” approach and away from “what else can I add to this rifle”.

      It is a amazing sometimes when I pick up a lightweight stock style AR and feel how light and agile it feels, kinda makes you go ……hmmmm

  1. I appreciate the time you devote and expense that you incur in making these reviews/videos/articles. I find them to be objective, concise, and straight to the point.

  2. Very good, in depth review!

    As for the clearances of the front sight base, i’ll pass this review along to Monty if Rainier hasn’t already, and i’m sure future revisions of this rail will fruits of your observation.

    I’ve been running a carbine FSB cut Centurion rail and haven’t noted any accuracy issues. I can make the barrel and rail contact each other if I apply a lot of pressure onto the barrel, but the rail itself is so stiff, I can’t make it budge with force applied to the rail, relative the receiver.

  3. I just got one of the Mid-length front sight base C4 rails and am having a hard time getting the fsb of my bcm upper loosened so I can remove the handguard end cap that came with my upper. I have the pins out, any suggestions?

    1. Use a rubber mallet if you have one. If you can get it to break free axially (sideways) first, that will help you pull it forward. Normally, getting the pins out is the hardest part.

      1. Cool, thanks. I have sprayed it liberally with some liquid wrench and letting it soak for a bit. Will try the mallet tonight.

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