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  1. As always, you have the video to back up your points. Well done. I have an XTC (in addition to FSC556 and BC 1.0) as well and you’re entirely right, good deal for the money.

    I cannot help but note that the large square-ish ports are very similar to stock AK-74 brakes.

  2. Hi, Andrew. This is listed as a compensator but in the product summary it says it also helps reduce flash. The 2nd part worries me. I live in CT and we can’t have folding/collapsible stocks and flash hiders. muzzle breaks/comps and hi caps are fine. Just those two items stayed restricted as CT passed their own AWB ban in 93 which had no sunset clause. Luckily there was never any mag cap restriction.

    1. I’d probably contact Rainier about it, if I were you, but I believe this would be okay for CT.

      1. I’m from CT. Moving out of the state as soon as I am done with school. I agree (been here 23 years now). I’ve looked at buying a pre ban lower but there are some critics that say you can get into trouble with that if you put a modern top half on and the debate goes on and on.

      2. I love replies like these. Yeah, I’ll just pack up and leave all of my family and friends because I can’t have flash hiders or folding/collapsible stocks.

        Besides my family and friends some of my favorite eateries are here. Been going to Pepe’s for 35 years. Besides, it’s not like we’re MA, CA, NY or NJ. We can still have suppressors, SBR’s, SBSG’s, AOW’s and full-auto only. In fact my next AR (besides my custom AR-10 .44 Automag carbine) will be a 9″ barreled .300 BLK that will eventually get a can.

        1. Actually, I did exactly that, packed up and moved on principle, leaving many friends behind. The gun thing was part of it, along with ever increasing taxes and generally just not enjoying the inescapable, endless bombardment of liberal mindset. Actually, my family all have left that state, mostly for economic reasons.
          I agree, the food there is great; it’s the only thing I miss. Hoffman’s or Newington Gun purchase for the .300 BLK? or simply online?
          And I was in a shit mood when I answered your response with “Move,” but still, it’s been the best thing I could’ve done.

  3. Is the XTC melonite treated? Thinking of putting this on a Spike’s 5.45, so I was wondering how yours handled the corrosive 5.45 surplus ammunition.

    1. Not advocating this mindset but at less than $60 and if you like it alot, just replace it with another one if there is corrosion.

  4. Fantastic review there. Love the slow motion footage and the production quality in general. Looks like a great compensator for the money.

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