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In the last few months, I’ve been working with Omaha Outdoors to create review videos of some nifty guns. I’ve also written a number of brand descriptions for the website, which I’ve previously shared here and on the blog’s Facebook page.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet everyone at Omaha Outdoors and am impressed with the drive and intensity shown by everyone there.

One of my concerns when writing reviews for a company that will use the review for sales purposes is whether or not I’ll be allowed to say everything I think about the product. If I didn’t think I could be totally straightforward with viewers about things, I would pass on the opportunity, and have done so in the past. With Omaha, though, I’m convinced that I can be myself and tell people what I think about things without having to censor negative opinions. When you watch these reviews, know that you are getting the same thoughts you’d otherwise see in a review video from me, even though I’m being paid to make these videos and write these articles.

The first batch of reviews covers the Smith and Wesson M&P2.0, Springfield TRP Operator, Sig P320 TACOPS, two Sig P320 Compacts in 45, and a Glock 43 that has been cerakoted two-tone bronze by the legit school-trained gunsmiths employed by Omaha Outdoors.

These are the “unboxing” type videos which will be followed up by real shooting reviews. In fact, much of the shooting has already been completed, I just need to put my thoughts on video.

Sometimes it gets cold in Southern Arizona.

Much more to come, including the results of some extreme environmental testing.

7 thoughts on “New Content with Omaha Outdoors”

  1. Your work is so much better when you actually care about what you’re writing about. The obvious indifference felt in these reviews kills the vibe.

    1. Given that I’m often criticized for being robotic and completely devoid of personality in reviews, I think “obvious indifference” would be an upgrade.

      1. The signature monotonous tone does fine on your personal YouTube channel, but I feel doesn’t transfer well into textual mediums, especially when applied to a topic you’re not so passionate about. Still, love your stuff. Keep on keeping on!

  2. It comes off as… Scripted to me. But that’s not a bad thing. I think you come off fine. I don’t expect you to be bouncing off the walls with glee opening the box on yet another plastic wondernine.

  3. I do not generally watch unboxing videos. I can unbox stuff my self at work. Most of the ones I have watched were because they were mislabeled as reviews. Any way, watched several of yours and for what its wroth they seem like any other unboxing I have ever seen.

    One question, can you put gummy bears in M&P box and still sell it as a S&W?

    Also, you must have been away from youtube for too long and missed some of the rule changes. I am pretty certain youtubes now requires content makers to end videos by asking viewers to “support my patreon”.

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