A 40,000 Round .223 Test, Or, the Last Six Months of My Life

I’ve been working on this comparison of Wolf, Brown Bear, Tula, and Federal .223 ammunition since July. I think those who read my blog will find it interesting. It should bring forth some real data to a number of discussions relating to AR reliability, wear, and the differences between types of ammunition…

The bushel of AR-15s involved in the test.

There seem to be some errors accessing the site right now, but it should be accessible to all soon.

10 thoughts on “A 40,000 Round .223 Test, Or, the Last Six Months of My Life”

  1. What do you mean, six months? I thought you were so high speed low drag that you did that stuff in an afternoon!

    Just kidding, great work. Greatly appreciated. Many thanks from Europe!

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