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Sig Continues Series of Embarrassing Pistol Tender Failures

Last year, Sig Sauer’s P250 lost the ATF handgun tender because of significant reliability issues. Sig’s response was to improve the pistol – no, wait, their response was to appeal to the GAO, saying in part that the ATF put too much of an emphasis on reliability. The GAO promptly smacked Sig’s claim down in a pretty embarrassing manner.

Fast forward to this year, where Sig’s big contract with the Dutch police for the P250 was pretty much the only thing the company had to crow about. Frankly, I was surprised that the P250 had won anything. Now, it turns out that my suspicions weren’t misplaced. The Dutch have rejected the P250 for unspecified issues that would place police officers in danger. To put it mildly, they don’t seem happy with Sig or the P250:

On the basis of the results of these tests I no longer find it responsible to continue with this pistol. There is no longer enough confidence in the quality of the pistol, nor in the capacity of the manufacturer to improve the quality or safeguard it. All this brings a risk to the safety of police officers on the street.

Sig wins again.