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Why a Reliable Phone is More Important Than a Reliable Gun

It’s really popular for gun people to talk about needing a reliable gun for every day carry or duty use, but I don’t hear many gun people talking about having a reliable phone. So that’s what I’ll talk about today.

No matter where I am in the world, the likelihood that I will need to use a “communication device” of some sort to summon help from others is greater than the likelihood that I will need my “three pound” to bust a cap in someone’s rear end. Car accidents and heart attacks and so on occur with greater frequency than encounters requiring lethal force.

While I have medical/first aid knowledge, experience, and training, I do not carry an ambulance around with me. I’ll be able to help a stranger – or myself – much more effectively if I can provide some level of care while also calling for EMS with a phone that works.

In addition, I can’t always have a gun, but I can almost always have a phone. The phone is not capable of spewing fiery death at those who would dare challenge me, but then again, the gun can’t summon a pizza. Both have their uses, is what I’m getting at.

This is a radio, but you get the idea.

Why do I say “a phone that works?” Because I’ve had unreliable phones, or phones that didn’t get very good service. I used to use cheap Android phones on a prepaid plan. Yeah, it didn’t cost much – but the service was weak out in the wilderness and the phones would constantly need to have their batteries pulled in order to fix some sort of problem or another.

I now have an iPhone 4S. Not only does it work all the time, but the coverage area (Verizon) is great. Battery life is just okay, but I have vehicle chargers and external battery packs/charging devices with USB cables for the times when I venture off the beaten path.

A camouflaged iPhone 4S operating with dissimilar units in a dynamic environment.

When I leave the country, I use either a satphone or a “world” cell phone from Mobal. No, they didn’t give me anything or pay me or ask me to write this, and I doubt they know I exist as anything other than an occasional customer. The service is very expensive, but it has worked absolutely everywhere I’ve traveled with it – from Baja to the Dolomites to the Maghreb. A gun might have come in handy had I stuck around the latter for a while longer, but the phone was absolutely crucial to getting home.

So if your “carry” phone – no matter who made it or what provider you have – sucks, but your carry gun is super reliable, think about which one you’re more likely to use. Ask yourself if paying a little more for a phone that will work when you need it is worth the added cost. I certainly think so.