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Luminox – The Worst Watch I’ve Ever Owned

I bought this Luminox watch because it had truly “glow in the dark” hands and markings – not luminescent paint, but fancy capsules that glow for 25 years. It was great, until it broke.


I was doing some laps in a shifter kart when the second hand simply fell off and prevented the other hands from turning. Luminox advertisements show fighter jets and imply world-class durability; needless to say, I wasn’t pulling 9 Gs in a shifter kart.

When I contacted them to fix it – I had owned it for less than a year at the time – they basically told me to take a hike. The chain I had purchased the watch from had closed a few locations, including the one I bought my watch from, and they couldn’t verify my purchase. Therefore, Luminox had a convenient excuse to not even accept my watch for repair.

It also gave me a convenient excuse to buy a watch that didn’t fall apart if looked at sternly. I now use a variety of Citizen Eco-Drives. The bands aren’t ideal, but as timepieces they are quite good.