Fireclean Files Motion Describing Vuurwapen Global Media Empire

Yesterday, Fireclean’s counsel filed a motion opposing my motion to dismiss their lawsuit against me in the Arizona District Court. This comes on the heels of their poorly strategized motion opposing the length of my motion being shot down in flames by the same judge who’ll eventually rule on the case itself.

In their latest motion, Fireclean seems to make two main points:

1. I, Andrew Tuohy, am for real a competitor of Fireclean


2. This topic is not a matter of public concern.

In order to prove the first point, Fireclean describes the extent of my global media and apparel empire:

I’m sorry that you all had to find out this way that I’m one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, what with my four podcast episodes already having spawned a radio show company.  Also, I find it surprising that they describe all of these “industries” in which I target “consumers” and then proceed to vehemently deny the idea that this topic is a matter of concern.

The first line in their opposition is apparently based on the belief that if you say something enough times, it eventually becomes true. I found the shrill and almost desperate tone of the motion to be highly entertaining, and am very much looking forward to hearing the judge’s thoughts on all of this.

There’s plenty more to discuss, but I’ll let you all peruse their opposition to the motion to dismiss here after leaving you with one final thought:

If you are a blogger, Fireclean’s position is that you are a business, and thus a direct competitor stripped of first amendment protections.

7 thoughts on “Fireclean Files Motion Describing Vuurwapen Global Media Empire”

  1. Having read the legal documents you’ve posted, it seems clear that Fireclean’s position is not only without merit, but malicious. But what do I know, I’m just a lawyer.

    I do, however, hope you get a good judge. That can make all the difference.

    I contributed a modest sum to your last legal defense fund. You’ve indicated you’re not asking for additional funds at this time. If that changes, let me know.

    –Andrew Branca, Attorney at Law

    1. At this point, I’d file a motion for summary judgement in this case and be done with it. It will save at least 10K in billable hours.

    1. Uh oh. He’s got you there sir. Your cover is blown. Rick Taylor is the world’s foremost authority on everything, but crying, since he’s never done it.

  2. oops, missed this post! Wow, a media empire, and global no less! Guess you will be jetting off to Cannes and Monaco to hobnob with all the other media elites. Be sure to post some cool pics, brah. We like bikinis, especially when well filled! 😉

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