Help Needed to Quash Fireclean Subpoena

More support is needed.

Fireclean has subpoenaed me in their lawsuit against George Fennell. They are seeking every last sliver of information regarding this topic that I might have, including but certainly not limited to “all communications between you and anyone else that pertain or refer to Fireclean.”

I am represented in this matter by Dan Barr (the author of a book on reporter’s privilege) and Katherine May of PerkinsCoie.

I don’t know that I could possibly have better representation for this challenge, a statement I would also make about Jay Brown and Jeremy Kutner of LSKS, who successfully represented me in the lawsuit Fireclean filed in Virginia earlier this year.

The costs of my legal defense in that case exceeded $120,000. While they were largely borne by LSKS, this situation has been no small matter for me. Needless to say, all proceeds have been and will be applied to the direct costs of legal defense in the various legal maneuverings attempted by Fireclean.

10 thoughts on “Help Needed to Quash Fireclean Subpoena”

  1. Tell me the best way to get you some money, my friend. More than happy to help. Please email me at the email address provided.

  2. Just out of curiosity, other than helping an asshat company, what’s the downside of complying with the subpoena? Is it a data thing?

  3. I may have missed this in the previous articles on this subject, but who is George Fennell and what is his involvement?

  4. Are you able to initiate a countersuit, invoking obvious aspects like the First Amendment, etc? Enthusiasts take note how this pernicious strategy can dampen any and all free exchange of ideas. Ironic ‘libtard’ aside here: I can foresee our Neu administration taking a far more aggressive pro-business stand in these sorts of cases moving forward. At least some of us saw this coming. Too late sorry.

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