MantisX Handgun Training Doohickey Initial Impressions

When I received an email offering a product called MantisX for review, I said to myself, “what the heck is a MantisX?” Now I know, and I’m excited for what MantisX portends.

This video is not a full review of all features and details regarding the MantisX handgun training system, but it does cover the basic operation of the unit and my initial impressions.

6 thoughts on “MantisX Handgun Training Doohickey Initial Impressions”

  1. I made something like this a few years back. It was a hobbyist’s experiment and rough. To have it refined and and in such a nice small package is awesome. $160 seems expensive ’till you think about the effort that went into it. I think I may have to get one!

  2. How well would it work on an add-on accessory rail? My Gen2 Glock 23 doesn’t have a rail, however I’m considering trying out one of the triggerguard clamp on rails.

  3. Andrew,

    I’m glad you’re back, your content was (and is) immensely valuable and generally thoroughly entertaining. Also, just donated to your fight against the assholes at Fireclean.

  4. Refreshing , intriguing and in no way a disappointment, youve done it again. Turning another page. “Perfect practice makes perfect. “

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