Topics Covered During July 27/28 Carbine Course

Observing a student’s hits on silhouettes at long range with the AR-15.

After what we feel was a rather successful first carbine course, Jim Staley and I have worked out the topics for the second course, which will be held at the same location, Sniper Country in northern Utah, and which you may sign up for here.

You may note the inclusion of pistol shooting; 100 rounds of pistol ammo will be needed and we are able to provide this at a reasonable cost for students as we did with rifle ammo for the first class. Another change is that the course will not be entirely AR-centric, and other carbines or rifles are welcome. Here’s the list of what will be covered and a brief description of some of the activities/challenges. Some topics may be added depending on our observation of individual student needs.

Classroom Portions

– Observation and analysis of individual student high speed video:

– Rifle Reload
– Rifle shooting position/recoil management
– Rifle presentation/target transitions
– Pistol draw
– Pistol reload
– Prone fire/trigger control

– External ballistics/theory/terms explained
– Fundamentals of long range shooting and marksmanship

Range Portions

– Refinement of rifle reload, body position, presentation, pistol draw, reload, trigger control with more additional speed video analysis
– High heart/respiration rate shoot with baseline (non-stress shoot first) to compare results and capabilities in various positions, with reloads
– Practical application of long range shooting:

– Multiple targets
– Known and unknown distances
– Range estimation
– Range cards based on individual student muzzle velocities (via chronograph)

– Night/twilight shooting:

– Effects on range estimation, optical/fixed sight use
– Muzzle device flash comparison

– Introduction to practical application of shooting on the move, and the truth behind it
– Multiple target shooting with emphasis on decision making, eye movement, and speed intervals (when to speed up and when to slow down)
– Practical shooting in civilian attire/go bag and backpack shooting/concealed carry/shooting in and around vehicles/medical scenario

Final Exercise

This will involve a scored and timed practical application of all skills and knowledge learned, as well as mental and physical challenges.

10 thoughts on “Topics Covered During July 27/28 Carbine Course”

    1. We’d prefer that you are able to carry your gear and firearms and be able to move up and down hills in relatively high temperatures. If you’re not sure you could do that, we might be able to work out other activities. The idea is to induce stress, physical and mental.

  1. Wish I lived anywhere remotely close enough to attend. Classes like this are never near me.

    On that note, what would you recommend to someone with limited access to courses or training for skill building? I shoot IDPA to help develop pistol employment and manipulation skills and feel that I’m pretty well off as far as that skill set is concerned. My rifle on the other hand only ever makes it to a bench once in a blue moon. The range that I can take that to doesn’t allow movement/standing/multiple target shooting with rifles. They do however have a 300yd range, so at the very least I can work on basic marksmanship.

    1. We did have several people fly in or drive 12+ hours for the last class.

      I’d recommend getting a solid foundation and then using .22LR or whatnot to sustain those skills.

      1. If only .22lr was still available at a reasonable price. Handloading helps offset the cost of IDPA and pistol practice in general though.

  2. Trying to find a way to attend this class, but I doubt I can do it in July because of work, are there any plans for classes in August or September? Also which airport would pickup be from?

    1. We will most likely have classes scheduled then but we don’t have anything firm right now. Salt Lake City is closest.

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